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"Your Site" Package

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"Your Site" Package

"Your Site" is by far our most popular package. The is only $300. It contains all of the workmanship of larger sites, only in smaller proportions. The "Your Site" package  includes 5 - 15 pages and all of the essentials. 

Help with Hosting

To begin, if you do not currently have an address for your site, we help you purchase one. We use iPowerWeb to  register your web address and host the site once it is completed. We host our sites with iPowerWeb and love their service. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs a great web hosting provider. The charge for hosting ranges from $6.95 to $8.95 per month. Click Here to Learn More!

E-mail Accounts

Next, with your site's address in place we set up your e-mail accounts. You can have up to 100 different e-mail accounts for your company and its employees. We also set up "e-mail auto responders" and "e-mail forwarding," if requested. We then walk you through how to check your mail online. We also send a small file to you that automatically installs the e-mail accounts into Outlook Express. If you use a Macintosh we can walk you through that set-up as well.

Custom Graphics

Upon receiving all of the information about your company we construct your site. We take your logo and design a site around it. We feel that it is vital that your site reflect your company and its style. With that in mind we create the background, buttons, banners and other graphics that are needed. The graphics of your site synergistically combine to create an overall theme that is consistent from page to page. A consistent theme also helps your pages to load faster so that your customer does not have to wait for new pages.

Information Hierarchically Ordered

When you have approved the graphics and theme of your site, we begin adding the information that you have provided. We are careful to make sure that information is added in order of importance. In other words, the most relevant or commonly needed information is found immediately on the front page. Less important information or more detailed information is easily found one or two tiers down.

Easy Navigation

This is where navigation is key. Your customers should be able to instantly understand how to navigate your site in order to find the information that they need.  Each page is organized to ensure optimum navigation.

Optimized for Search Engines & Submitted

We imbed tags into the HTML of your site so that search engines can easily find and list your site. This is so that when customers type your name, service or product into Google or other major search engines, they can find your site. We then contact 20 top search engines and notify them of your site.

Special Features

Finally we add special features that make your site even more unique. On our site you may have noticed the orange webs on our splash page. Global Scent Company has a star field that appears on their front page. Welding Plus, Inc. includes subtle rotating pictures. Each site contains a different special feature. Yours will too. We also create one of the following features: bulletin board, guest book, visitor links, chat rooms, or visitor subscribed e-mail lists. Whichever feature you choose.

Professional Quality

When your site is completed you will have a clean, professional, well-organized site that is fast loading and accomplishes everything you need from the Internet for you business to grow. For an example of a site that qualifies as a "Your Site" package, take a look at K & K Surplus, Inc., which started with 7 pages. K & K Surplus now updates their own pages, demonstrating the "Plus" in WebMonkey Plus. Another example of a "Your Site" package is Welding Plus, Inc. It started off with 5 pages and continues to grow as the business grows. 

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